Highway 12 from Lynn Donaldson on Vimeo.

Highway 12 – Roundup to Forsyth

May 17, 2011  |  Drive, Eat, Saloons, Stay, Towns

I felt like since I just did a multimedia piece on The Jersey Lilly Saloon, that I should show what it’s like to get there. If you’re not coming via gravel, you’re going to be traveling on US HWY 12 East coming from either Roundup or Forsyth.

My friend Robert Lewis, a photographer I used to assist, hired me to location scout this 102 mile stretch for John McNeil Studio. Here are some shots from that drive, which I made in September 2009.

Please Note: location scouting images are matter-of-fact; they are not the same type of images I would frame up if I were “trying” to make them beautiful for a story. I was NOT recording entire towns, so A LOT of what these places offer is missing in this slide show. I was sent to scout a particular “look”, not to capture every cool business. So please keep in mind when viewing this that you are not seeing a complete picture of these towns. I promise to return to Roundup & Forsyth during this project and fully “dig in” to the people & places and show just how cool their corner of the world is!

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