Exit Terry

June 21, 2011  |  Eat, history, Shop, Stay, Towns

Welcome to Terry! When you drive by….TAKE THE EXIT! Visit the Evelyn Cameron Gallery. Stop by the Prairie County Museum and have Walt Stepper show you some “high points” (like a mammoth jawbone or a Christmas Tree made out of human hair). View agate art at Prairie Unique or watch owner Dale Galland fly remote controlled helicopters in the back. (Everyone who enters is given a piece of Huckleberry taffy “just to sweeten your day”.) Check out the surprisingly cute selection of women’s clothing at Sassy One–not what you’d expect to find in small town Montana! I dare you to finish a giant Pennyjack sundae at the Badlands Cafe–a 1950′s diner. Hike Calypso Trail with Eddie Gaub, or–if you don’t have time–have him take you on a virtual tour in his accounting office-slash-Calypso Trail Gallery. Finish up at the Kempton Hotel, Montana’s oldest, continually operated hotel built in 1902. You’ll be glad you took the exit!

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  1. Thank you for your wonderful blog on Terry that is our Uncle Eddie in here… I loved the entire Terry story.
    good narrating but the video pauses when the people talk. How can I get a copy of this. Connie and Keith Carver

  2. Hi Connie & Keith. I apologize that because I just took over as Administrator for my blog this a.m., I am seeing your comment for the first time! I absolutely love Terry and Eddie is priceless. I want to do a post just on him as well as go out on the Calypso Trail with him. Let me check with Jim Bergman, my fabulous audio/video guy, who shot this. He will know how to share the file with you. How about you shoot me an email at lynn@lynndonaldson.com so we can stay in touch that way, too. THANKS for checking out my blog! I’m psyched that Eddie’s niece found it!

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