Adorama TV: Excellent Portrait Tip From Joe McNally

January 26, 2013  |  Photography

I’m going to try this! I always find it extremely frustrating to shoot a portrait in bright sunlight. Everything looks perfect…the sky, the backdrop…and your subject has harsh shadow lines and is squinting with a pained expression on his or her face. Not good! Watch this short video and learn one of the best tricks I’ve never tried–have never even heard of a reflector with a grip. I have a scrim that cuts like like Joe’s, but I often don’t have an assistant with me…nor have I tried setting up a flash behind a scrim. Beautiful! One can manage McNally’s setup solo.

Incidentally, I love Adorama and always stop in when I’m in New York City. It’s on 18th Street between 5th & 6th Avenues.  It’s crazy bustling and the staff is very pushy, but it’s a NYC experience in and of itself.

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